Customs Clearance

We are registered custom's house agents offering an effective and reliable clearing service to our clients.
From brokerage, inspection to documentation and final clearance we are instrumental in undertaking these services in accordance to the legal procedures. We promise our clients we will adhere to the standards recommended by the industry and offer them with customised solutions.
If required we can also provide advice on customs tariffs, tariff concessions and duty rates. We liaise directly with UK Customs and with international shipping and airline companies to ensure faster clearance of your goods through quarantine and customs.
Inland Clearance Depots: Instead of having your goods cleared at a port or airport, you can obtain customs clearance at an approved inland depot. There are depots throughout the UK. Normally only goods in containers, rail freight wagons or road vehicles which can be sealed may be removed for clearance inland. However in some cases it may be possible to allow the use of another means of conveyance which cannot be sealed.
Inward Processing Relief: You can obtain duty relief on imported goods from non-EU countries which you process in the EU and then re-export to a non-EU country provided that the trade does not harm the interests of EU producers of similar goods.

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