Our AJ Williams packing division operating in conjunction with air cargo express has been established for over 15 years specialising in antique & fine art packing + all other packing requirements.
Packing Regulations
As a result of growing concerns about the spread of pests such as the Asian long-horn beetle and the pine wood nematode, new rules have been introduced to set a uniform standard applicable in different regions of the world. The standard states that all timber must be heat treated to a core temperature of 56° for no less than 30 minutes. AJ Williams in association with Timcon (Timber Packaging & Pallet Confederation) has the facilities to produce compliant pallets for export and the heat treatment process. This can be applied either to the timber (prior to pallet manufacture) or to used or recycled pallets.
Please check the following link to see if your region requires the heat treatment process:-

On Site Packing services

Custom (bespoke) wood pallets/crates

Shock Mounted Crates

Trade Show Crates

Electro-static packs for Electronics

Cardboard packaging using standard or custom boxes

Banding, Palletizing, Shrink Wrapping

Barcoding & Labeling

Custom Stenciling

Automated bag sealing/stamping

Oversize capabilities (i.e. Cars or large machines)

Moisture-Vapor packaging

High Valuables, delicate antiques.

Container stuffing, blocking, & bracing

Quick turnaround times